Session 1

The Group Forms

On the dawn of July 6th the group came together. Tess-har joined Thae as he entered the prisoners cells. After much banter and discussion, they agreed to go talk to the Scythe commander. After talking to him for a while, they were given their first tasks.

The group chose to pursue a renegade scythe and those with him who recently stole an item from the vault. After some impressive information gathering in the streets, they were able to learn (thanks to Ander’s skill) that the thieves fled toward the south gate. It was nearly a day’s journey through the mountain pass past various little shops and other stops but they arrived at the keep. Questioning and intimidation of the guards got them headed to the Northeast the next morning.

A trail was found the night before but it could not be followed.

After stopping for Lunch, Thae managed to pick up the trail. They followed it unerringly to the edge of the forest, after pressing on far past being tired. Sterion took watch.

About an hour in he noticed some howling coming from the woods, clearly a wolf. The howling grew louder and soon he could see eyes staring back at him from the forest’s edge. He tried to calm the beast but to no avail. He yelled to wake up his companions and they chased after the wolf, which fled.

After a few seconds, Thae and Sterion noticed another wolf slinking in from the back. Sterion released a warning shot at it causing it to run up and join it’s pack-mate, flanking Tess-har. The two wolves laid into tess-har dropping her to the ground several times. She retaliated, wounding both. Several arrows and beams of light rained in from the back, but the wolves avoided them. Ander, closed in behind one of them and open his stomach, causing the wolf massive amounts of damage. The wolf fought on until Ander attacked again, ending his life. Seeing Tess-har in trouble, Thae moved up and healed some of her wounds before the remaining wolf could act. The lone survivor caught a few blows from Tess-har’s sword and Thae’s spell lance. Sterion was finally able to line up a good shot and ended the wolf’s attack with an arrow through his right eye. The group checked the wolves to make sure they weren’t carrying anything unusual then tried to finish their rest.


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