Session 3

The party spent some time enjoying Adian Harbor. After a few days there they received a message from an agitated sparrow, asking why they hadn’t reported back.

They set out for their scheduled meeting. On the way they were ambushed by a group of kobolds. The party was too perceptive to be caught in the trap and managed to slay the would-be thieves.

They met with the bandit leader they had released the week before as well as an old lady. After the old lady set up some wards she began to talk to them. She confessed to being in disguise and not wanting to reveal her true identity. Ander knows who the old lady really is because he tried to rob the estate and was caught by a Scythe trap.

The old lady told them how the king is trying to collect an artifact of power and that it is evil and must not be allowed. The party didn’t want to trust her so they decided to make sure not to give her all of the artifacts. She agreed that this was a good idea and between the party and her they could hide them so no one knew where they all were.

She gave the party a magical orb to help them avoid being detected. She agreed to send Thae a ritual book so that he can communicate with her when needed using the Animal Messenger ritual.


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