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  • Richard

    h3. Character(s): _place holder for character link_ Back story: Ander, the halfling, was sold by his destitute parents to a traveling circus at a young age where he learned various acrobatic feats. After many years of being a succssful acrobat, …

  • Nick

    h1. Thae Starsworn

    Played by Nick

    James Landsman met Lynnai alThae on a crisp spring morning during his 5th year. She was to take a trip from Gloomwood to somewhere out East, and had stopped into James’s father’s shop in Zinnaa for some …

  • Jon

    Sterion grew up to a well-off merchant family in the main Gloomwood Elven city. Not having to worry about any worldly problems, he soon became a pompous brat, to his family and fellow elves. He usually got into trouble and had to quickly learn to get …

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