Adian Harbor

This town serves two main purposes. Trade and sea travel.

The town is built as a semi circle around the harbor. The town does not go very deep, only 3 or 4 rows back. It is long instead of dense, which makes it a little annoying for travelers trying to get from one area to the other. There are docks on all three sides of the harbor

The town has three major areas.

The southern district is where most trader vessles will dock and load or unload goods. Here is where the dock warehouses are located as well as some military buildings for the King’s Army.

The Inner District is the Western most part of town and is where the inns and shops are located. Most merchants live in their shops in a small private room.

The Northern District holds a park and various temples and shrines. This is also where any traveling merchants may come to sell their wares. Peddling is not allowed within 50 feet of any of the religious structures and is mostly done around the park on the docks.

This town sees much more variety of races, including Tieflings. The people in Adian Harbor are slightly more tolerant and Tiefling incidents are much lower. While there are no permanent residencies in this town, successful traveling merchants will take up long stays in one of the inns.

Adian is a relativly wealthy town because of bustle generated by trade. Taxes allow for the park to be well maintained and the temples receive generation donations. The inns are among the finest in the kingdom. This wealth attracts many thieves and because of this the King’s Army’s presence is greater here.

Most people coming to the Kingdom first arrive in Adian Harbor.

Adian Harbor

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