Believed to be constructed by Dwarven contractors ages ago, Bremorel is built into the sides of the bordering mountains.

Mountain areas

The highest buildings on either side are the castles. They are built into the rock face itself and go deep into the mountain. These structure mirror each other almost perfectly down to the guardhouse.

The path leading up to each castle is winding and allows for any attackers to be hit with arrow barrages if attempting to storm the gates. About 300 yards in front of each castle sits a small two story fortress, almost a tower, to restrict access.

Below the guardhouses lies the noble district. These are fairly large houses that are built into the side of the mountain as opposed to carved into the face. The mountain was cut away and shaped to create steps and this is where a lot of the houses sit. Some of these residents include members of various political positions such as emissaries, diplomats and council members.

A few military structures dot both sides. On each side is a garrison as well as some military store houses. There are also a few buildings believed to be military but their true purpose is not known by the general population.

Valley areas

Once the slopes of the mountain end the heart of the city begins. Here lies the complex network of houses and allies as well as the market. The market can be found in the center of the town with the houses bordering it. Merchant’s Row borders the city’s main road. Here the most affluent merchants can pay for a lot to setup shop. Most of the inns are located on Merchant’s Row while a few of the less expensive inns with flea-ridden straw beds can be found bordering the market itself.

The outer ring of the market contains a temple to Bahamut. It is on the northern edge.

The Gates

The gates are at the Southeast and Northwest of the mountains that border the city. It’s a full days journey by food to get to either end of the valley. In some places, it is a narrow winding path that has no room for anything but travelers. In others, it opens up a bit and a few shops and merchant’s carts can be found.


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