Sterion grew up to a well-off merchant family in the main Gloomwood Elven city. Not having to worry about any worldly problems, he soon became a pompous brat, to his family and fellow elves. He usually got into trouble and had to quickly learn to get out of it rather quickly. He became very nimble and was not afraid to take risks, sometimes resorting to climbing buildings and running from rooftop to rooftop. His parents were very forgiving and often had to get him out of trouble by convincing the local peacekeepers to set him free.

Once he got out of his troublesome phase, he found that he was much more attuned to the longboy than his peers. He picked it up, and just felt like he was one with it and his quiver. Sterion hated the idea of being a merchant, so e used this natural affinity to become a hunter, enjoying the thrill of the hunt, while also using his childish sense of acrobatics He would stalk his prey, predict their next path and set up a hiding spot high in the trees.

Much to his dismay, his parents asked him to sail across the sea to other continents to open possible trade routes for trade. He loathed this idea, but his exploratory nature yearned him to see what other lands were like. He boarded the sailboat and took off. Sailing was a joy, he always loved the fresh ocean breeze, the feel of excitement for the unknown. Sadly, as he was out to sea, the scryer on board received word that his parents were attacked enroute to Bremorel, and were murdered. Enfuriated, Sterion took a small sailboat to return home. He was sailing back home and the waters became to dangerous for a small sailboat. His vessel became overwhelmed and capsized, severely damaging the ship. He climbed on the debris and hoped for the best. Soon dehydration took over him and he passed out

He later awoke, unknown of where he was, only debris around him, and almost everything on him destroyed. All he had was his skinning knife, a depleted waterskin, and his wits. He drew up all the strength he could muster and ventured forth. Dehydrated, and weak, he stumbled across a stream and thanked the gods as he re-hydrated himself and filled his waterskin.

“Alright” he said, “lets get to work” as he gathered his belonings and ventured to where his parents were killed.

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Upon reaching Bremorel he stalked the streets looking for his parents assailants. He visited local taverns and inns, asking questions. He drew too much attention to himself and was often thrown out the front door. He gathered much information after a time at the cost of earning a bad reputation. People stayed away from the elf if they knew him.

After several disheartening weeks he got a good lead and took to the rooftops. After a few days of searching he spotted the man he was looking for. He descended upon him with frighting ferocity. He accused the man of his parents death, grabbing him by the tunic. The man smiled at him and reached one hand down to his belt. Faster than an old man could ever hope to be, Sterion reached to his own belt and grabbed his skinning knife. With a quick thrust he plunged it up and between the man’s ribs, straight into his heart, ending his life in the blink of an eye. It was then that he saw the wine skin the old man clutched. Saw it fall out of his hand and follow the old man to the ground to mix with the blood pooling on the street. Dazed and sobbing, Sterion fell to his knees. He didn’t care that two guards had lifted him by the elbows and were now escorting him somewhere. He knew, in the back of his mind, where he was going but he didn’t care. The blood of an innocent was on his hands. He ignored the halfling curled up asleep on the floor as he was tossed into the cell. He lay, staring at the ceiling, wondering how things could possibly get worse.

Back story Bonus: +1 to insight checks when attempting to sense an NPC motive.


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