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This is still being updated but has enough info now that it can be looked through. Keep in mind, some things may change if there’s a contradiction or something that doesn’t fit.

The World

This game takes place on a small continent that is one of several in the known world.

The entire continent makes up the Kingdom. Carved into the sides of the mountains that border it lies the capital city of Bremorel. While the trade district and peasant areas are located on the valley floor, the royal estates and castles sit on the mountain walls themselves. It is believed that dwarves from across the sea were hired to construct the mountain portions of the city. It is well known that there exist two castles, one on each side and that the king may reside in either, making attempts on his throne slightly more difficult.

Humans primarily populate this land. However, Yenian, the city located in the desert, is populated by Dragonborn and the city on the forest edge, Zinnaa has at a fair number of half-elf residents. Elves live in the nearby forest of Gloomwood but they avoid the cities and towns. The other races of the world are sparse but do exists. Tieflings are not well liked and are the lowest population of all the races. The “braver” humans will try to cause trouble due to their blind hate. The dragonborn and elves will steer clear when possible, but do not seek confrontation.

The landscape varies as hinted above. To the southwest lies a desert with Yenian built around it’s only oasis. On the northwest shore is the very thick forest, Gloomwood, that is too dense for normal travel. Across the land in the East lies a marsh and an ancient crypt. Sparse forest spreads across the mid-east. The north is frozen near the Ice Sea. Travelers must be prepared to face varying conditions and should know where they’re going before they set out.

The kingdom’s laws are it’s foundation and infractions carry severe punishment. Petty theft usually results in the loss of a finger or hand while larger heists come with a trip to the gallows. While all religions are allowed in the Kingdom only worship of Bahamut is allowed in the Capital City. The exception to this is worship of Evil. No evil god may be worshiped at all. Anyone caught doing so is put to death.

The King’s Army makes up the entire Kingdom’s defenses. This includes guards for towns and cities as well as the units that serve to defend from invaders. No other militia group is allowed to be organized. A private household guard is allowed but must be of an appropriate size as deemed by a King’s Hand. The King’s Hand and the King’s Army are both part of the King’s Order

Main Page

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