Another town on the sea. Boats are allowed to dock here but only for an hour. The docks are small and no more than three boats can be docked at a time. Larger boats cannot make the voyage to Pointe due to some rock formations under the water.

Pointe is nowhere near the splendor of the Adian Harbor. It does not have the same traffic and is so far to the Southeast that it’s really out of the way. People wanting to avoid notice (criminal or even royalty) will embark or disembark in Pointe.

Pointe does not really have a good reputation. Crime is notably higher and most places are not in good repair. The King’s Army presence is lighter here but they do try to enforce the law. Smuggling used to be a problem for this town but boats are now inspected by a permanently stationed squad.

For being a slum, it is pretty well organized in a street grid. The roads are not well maintained and are dirt, however, the town is easy to get around. The grid runs diagonally SW to NE with a main road dissecting from the NW to the SE.

One might go to Pointe if looking for an exotic good not found in Adian Harbor or if looking for a cheap place to stay for a while. There’s really no other reason to go here.


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