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Back story:

Ander, the halfling, was sold by his destitute parents to a traveling circus at a young age where he learned various acrobatic feats. After many years of being a succssful acrobat, the circus fell apart. Not knowing what to do, he found a mentor on the streets who taught him the way of the thief. His acrobatic skills and natural dexterity came in use and he quickly became quite valuable to his mentor, helping him complete many jobs.

Their most recent job may have been too much of an undertaking for the pair. The two thieves arrived at their mark, a wealthy mansion. Ander subdued the guards and quickly cleared the way for them to sneak inside. They picked the front door and walked right in. As they approached the room with the treasure they took a deep breathe to steady their hands. Gaining entrance to the room was nothing to the mentor and soon they were both inside. After closing the door to the room, Ander turned just in time to see his mentor step down on a pressure plate. Too far away to shove him out of the way he yelled a warning, alerting both his mentor and the guards. The warning came too late for the mentor and the plate-triggered crossbow fired and took him, also being a halfling, in the throat. The warning was not too late for the guards and they came running in time to get a look at Ander. He jumped out of a nearby window and fled, trying to forget the man who taught him so much. That night he crept onto a cargo ship and let it take him to where it was headed.

When the shipped docked, he waited until there was silence on deck. After slinking above deck he slipped over the rail into the bay and swam to shore under the dock. A few found purses later and he had enough money for several nights at the inn where he soon learned he was in the town of Pointe, located in a kingdom across the sea. He quickly found easy targets and started to pull himself back together, still bearing the horrible image of his mentor, spinning from the jolt of the crossbow bolt as it entered his throat.

A few weeks passed and he overheard someone talking about needing to hire guards to replace one’s he could no longer trust to guard an item that was important to him. The man sounded quite upset and a little panicked. Ander decided to capitalize on this and was able to ascertain the whereabouts of this man’s estate.

It was a bit of a long journey but a newly found horse helped speed that up. He easily snuck inside because the guards had all been relieved of their duty. The treasure’s location was predictable and he soon slipped into the room. As he approached the pedestal a man appeared out of the shadows. Ander cursed and he spun on his heals. He ran for the door. For some reason, he was still standing in the same place. Confused, he attempted to run again only now realizing he could not move. The man laughed softly under his breath before Ander passed out.

He awoke an unknown amount of time later all of his possessions missing. He was in a cell. A cold pile of food sat slopped on the stone in the corner. Famished, he gobbled it up and passed back into sleep.

Special back story skill bonus: +1 to detect traps activated by pressure plates.


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