There are a few things I would like you guys to help me with to keep the game moving.

Rules assistant

Someone to flip through the books when a certain rule is needed. This will save me from having to break stride to find a little used rule or information for a skill. This person may also wish to write down any frequently needed pages.

Journal Keeper

It would be nice for one player to keep a running Journal of everything that happens to the entire party (including things their character may not know that happened to another character). It would be nice if it was broken down into days (and maybe times, not specific but morning/afternoon/night etc). This way we can look back on what’s happened. This would either be left with me to upload here, or the writer could upload it and flesh it out if they so desired.


It will be really handy to have someone log encounters and treasure. In some situations, we may not want to deal with treasure and XP right away, but move on. In others (perhaps the XP is enough to level) we might want to pause and deal with it now. Either way, it will be nice to have it written down to review.


This is something I need from everyone. One person can do it or everyone can just pass around a sheet. I need a list of everyone’s skills (including all modifiers) in case I need to roll a hidden check. It should be an up-to-date list at the start of the session that I will write updates on if needed. Ideally, the list would look something like:


  • Acrobatics: +10
  • Atheletics: +11
  • Bluff: +4



  • Acrobatics: +4
  • Perception: +6


Maybe someone wants to just make a quick spreadsheet and we can fill it out and print it before each session?

If you want to volunteer for one of these, just put your name in parenthesis beside the title.


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