This section contains information for the players that’s not related to the game world.


You may start with 50 gold to buy any gear that you need. You will be given a chance to aquire simple weapons and armor very early on so I suggest that you buy non-combat adventure gear (rope, bags, torches, etc.) or anything else you want. However, you can save your money and not buy Weapons or Armor. If you want to wait until after you’ve aquired your armor and weapon, you may. Your character will have to stop in the market before venturing out.


We’re going to try to track supplies. Food and ammo are the big ones. Weight does not need to be meticulously tracked, however, I will want to make sure no one is overburdened.


  • When on foot, you keep your bag on you unless you specificly set it down.
  • When on horseback, you do not automatically remove any gear stored on the horse unless you specifically state that are you are doing so.
  • When entering combat it is assumed you toss your bag to an out of the way place at the start of the encounter. If you are suprised, you have to wear it during the suprise round and suffer any consequences of carrying too much weight (if you are).

Skill Checks

I will assume you are always taking 10 on your Perception and Insight checks unless you specifically request to search an area.

I may change some of the DCs listed in the PHB so that they fit the role I have for them. For example, a wooden door takes a strength check of 16 to break. You may find some that take more or less.


Death is a very real possibility in this campaign. If you die you have a choice to make. Do you want to make a new character (start at current party level with a little bit less gear) or do you want to come back from the dead (see raise dead ritual on PHB p311). I suggest you consider this now, just in case something unfortunate happens.

Stat Generation

Updated 1/30/2009

  • Changed max to +9, up from +8
  • Added option to use 22 point system
  1. Roll 4 Dice
  2. If any of the results are a “one” you may reroll one such result.
  3. Remove the lowest roll
  4. Write down the remaining total.
  5. Repeat 1-4 until you have 6 stats
  6. Sum the modifiers
  7. If the sum is not in the range of +4 to +9, restart

If you don’t want to roll stats, you may use the 22 point system (method 2), giving you a +6 to +8 total bonus.

Meta Gaming

Don’t do it.

  • It is okay to help each other out if someone forgets their character can do something (especially when the character is unlikely to forget).
  • It is okay to help someone with any of the game mechanics or rules if they get stuck. This is not something the character has to worry about.
  • It is okay to talk about the game from your perspective and not your characters, it’s just not okay to act on it.
  • It’s not okay to coordinate combat tactics that your characters couldn’t possibly plan out in six second rounds.
  • It is okay to assume your characters could do something that might take you longer than six seconds to think about because your character might be smarter than you are (gasp) or better at reacting (they ARE heroes).

You should always follow this rule:

“Would my character do this given his/her personality, what he/she knows, and his/her abilities?” If the answer is yes, you’re fine. If it’s sketchy, then you might be meta gaming.

Your characters will not all be familiar with each other right away so they may all wish to engage in various skill checks. However, as time goes on and the characters start to know each other it’s going to be okay to say “Why don’t you search for traps, you have better eyesight.” Try not to say “your perception skill is higher, you search.”

Any information on this wiki regarding towns, locations, and organizations is considered to be common knowledge that your characters possess.

Abnormal Rolls

All rolls that land cocked (even a little) or fall off of the table will be rerolled. Always.


All discussion is encouraged. If you think I make a bad call or decision on how to perform a check, let me know. If i decide to do it anyway, that’s the final ruling. After the session is over, we can review it to decide if I’m a tyrant or if I made the right choice.

If you have ideas for how you would like to see the story progess, an area you would like to see, something cool for the party to do, let me know. I can try to work it in.

Please let me know what you enjoy the most and what you don’t like. Someone may love fight after fight while someone else may like sneaking through people’s houses at night.

4E rules everyone should know

Death and Dying

  • You die when your current HP hits the negative value of your bloodied HP (ie, if your bloodied HP is 20, you die at -20).
  • You are unconscious at 0 or less.


  • If one attack hits multiple targets, you roll 1 damage roll and separate attack rolls.
  • You get three actions on your turn. Move, minor and standard (plus as many free actions as you want). See PHB p.267&268
  • You get 1 opportunity attack per round. PHB 268
  • You may delay or ready an action in place of your normal turn. PHB 288, 291 respectivly.
  • For a complete list of combat actions, see the chart on PHB 289.
  • Healing surges are new, read about them on PHB 293 (Second Wind allows you to use 1 healing surge / encounter).
  • Action Points are new, PHB 259, 286
  • Combat Advantage (PHB 279) is the new flanking (PHB 285). Rather, flanking grants you combat advantage (+2 on attack rolls).


  • You only need 6 hours
  • You lose all your action points, restart with 1
  • You regain hit points
  • You regain healing surges


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