The Scythe is a group of elite squads. They handle jobs that are too dangerous, too quiet, too important or require too much finesse for the King’s Army. Some examples would include: Fetching an important item, assassinations, resolving unusual or undesirable situations (monsters, undead, etc) and investigations.

The Scythe seek out their members (not the other way around) and exactly how this is done is unknown. Desertion is death. Where the Scythe meet and what exactly they do is unknown. The tasks mentioned above are common belief and rumor. No official will acknowledge the existence of The Scythe but their existance is well known by the common population.

People believed to be a member of The Scythe are avoided in dark allies and are not crossed in taverns. It is believed that they operate outside the law and are exempt from most punishment.

The Scythe is a member of the King’s Order


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