Ten years ago, a clan of Dragonborns were on a hunting quest in the forrest. One of their number stumbled upon a decimated campsite, and moved by compassion and intrique at the honorless violence exerted over the campsite, alerted the rest of the clan so they might further investigage the savegery.

It was apparant that the group of the humans had been on the run, from what and why, they did not know. Very little evidence was left, as whomever had provoked the attack had done their best to irradicate any evidence of the people there. Most surprisingly, Tagen-Har (one of the Dragonborn soldiers) found an unconcious human girl, approxemently nine years old, several yards from the decimation. In her hand, she clutched a shard of rock with strange symbols scratched into the surface.

When the girl awoke, she had no memory of who she was or what had happened. Tagen-Har took the girl under his care and raised her under the ways of the Dragonborn. He named her Tess-har, and due to her affinity for sword fighting,proceded to train her in the ways of a fighter.

Despite the kindness shown to her by the Har family, Tessa-Har felt a longing to learn more of her past, and to find out the reason behind the violent attack so many years ago. And so she set off with the blessing of her adopted clan to solve the mystery and find the purpose of her existence. The strange rock clutched in her palm at the time of her discovery is now worn as a talisman around her neck.

Her first stop was the campsite. As could be expected, there was nothing to be found there. Unsure where to proceed, Tess-Har hiked west until nightfall and set up camp for the evening.

Unbenowst to her, while she had been at the campsite she had been spotted by two burly dwarves and a surly elf. Thinking her a pretty thing, as well as alone and unprotected, they followed her to the camp she set up and attacked.

Tess-Har put a quick end to them. Thinking there might be a bounty on their heads and noting the lightness of her money purse, she set out to town with any identifying markers they carried on them, including an unknown insignia.

While at town, she met someone…who was impressed with her ability to slay the outlaws…and she agreed to join their ranks.

Backstory bonus: +1 to streetwise checks in Venian.


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